REST (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy)

We are passionate about providing you with a space to switch off from the world. A place to escape from the chaos of every day life & experience solitude & stillness so that you may connect with the stillness within. A place to meditate, ponder, or exploration of your inner world.

A sensory deprivation tank is a temperature-regulated, salt-water filled, lightproof, soundproof, flotation pool that can isolate its occupant from numerous forms of sensory input all at once & generally refers to a scientifically regulated environment.

REST (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy)
What we offer is commonly known as REST (restricted environmental stimulation therapy) or flotation therapy.
For those interested in the deeper aspects of the flotation experience, this is for you. Choosing to switch the lights off in the flotation tank seems to open a whole other dimension to the flotation experience.
Though deprivation or restriction may at first appear to be a negative term, it is important to remember that our senses are bombarded with stimuli almost continuously & benefit greatly from a rest.

Sight - Encompassed in the darkness, you are deprived of visual influences & stimuli. As most of what we see in our daily lives influences the way we visually perceive our world.

Touch/feeling - Inside the tank the water temperature is between 36-37oC (healthy body temperature). The extreme buoyancy of the water lends the environment to an almost zero-gravity quality. Skin sensation is greatly reduced because the air & water don't differ in temperature. This lack of temperature differential plays with your ability to perceive where your body ends & where the water & air begin. So the feeling of a body boundary can begin to fade.

Sound - Inside the tank sound is reduced & you can experience the type of quiet that allows you to hear your muscles tense & your heart beat.

Thought - Left alone with only your mind, with practice, as with meditation, you can train your mind to shut down.


Cost: £42
Duration: 60 minutes
Please note: A 50% deposit is required upon booking see terms & conditions

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