Massage Therapist Bournemouth

Massage Therapist Bournemouth

Neck-pain is a very common health problem and there are many risk factors involved that can lead to this condition.

Normally pain and stiffness in this part of the body can get better after a few days, but it is best to avoid getting the issue in the first instance!!

Here are a few fantastic top tips to help you do precisely this

1 – Always take a break

If you’re carrying out activities over a long period of time that require that you to stay in the same position. Make certain that you always take regular breaks. IE:  if you’re driving very long distances. It’s a good idea to stop your vehicle from time to time to stretch your legs. As well as this,  if you often sit for long periods of time at your computer, try to make the time to stand up and move or walk about .


In addition, you should always consider stretching.  Simply shrugging your shoulders up and down is the key, pulling your shoulder blades together as much as possible and  then tilting your head  side to side will help to loosen your tight muscles. Thes small exercises in conjunction with a massage therapist will help you a lot.

3 – Setting your workstation up properly

It’s  important to set your workstation up properly to aid posture. For example, your computer screen should always be located at roughly eye level or slightly below. It should always be in front of you, not to the side. When you’re seated and your knees should rest just below the  hips and your back straight if possible.

4 –  Good quality seating

When you’re choosing a chair, whether for your office place or your house. Try to be certain to get only good quality items that offer you full support. If you’re after getting a recliner chair, it’s well worth taking the time talking to a professional. You can never replace your neck or back but you can a chair.


Simple little daily tips like this will help your muscles. You can work with your massage therapist to help you attain a healthy body leading to a healthy mind. For more tips and to book and appointment with out massage therapist Bournemouth, please contact us now!!

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Massage Therapist Bournemouth