Massage Bournemouth

Massage Bournemouth

With the very best Massage Therapists working at Yemanja Therapy Southbourne Bournemouth, You will not regret booking in for one of our Massages. Our therapy rooms are warm, clean and have a beautiful ambience.

We have a range including:

We have qualified and trained massage therapists such as Matthew Smith who is an ITEC qualified massage therapist.

massage bournemouthWith the stresses and strains of modern life, any form of massage comes as a relief and a reward. The stresses of sitting in awkward postures, a highly charged lifestyle or even a lack of health & exercise regime may lead to less agility. A massage will help to soften tissues, release toxins trapped in muscles and will lead to a healthier lifestyle and a sense of well being.

To massage or be massaged is a very natural conditioned habit amongst warm blooded mammals. The art of massaging goes back millennia. our ancestors ritually massaged each other for health and bonding reasons.

Yemanja Therapy offer many other therapies. Why not visit our therapies page for more information or contact us, or even pop in! We are based on the high street in Southbourne Grove, Southbourne just down from the renowned Earth Foods.


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Massage Bournemouth