Flotation Therapy/ REST


Float effortlessly in a pool of Epsom salts relieving your whole body from the stresses of gravity & pressure taking the weight off strained joints, muscles & bones increasing the efficiency of your blood & lymph circulating through your body. The Epsom salt helps to calm the nervous system, relieving tension in the muscles encouraging you into a relaxed state of body & mind by providing you with a space to switch off & escape the world.

REST (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy)
Experience solitude & stillness so that you may connect with the stillness within. A place to meditate, contemplate, or for reflection or exploration of your inner world.
What we offer is commonly known as REST (restricted environmental stimulation therapy) or flotation therapy.
For those interested in the deeper aspects of the flotation experience, this is for you. Choosing to switch the lights off in the flotation tank seems to open a whole other dimension to the flotation experience. To  REST our senses that are so bombarded with stimuli almost continuously & benefit greatly from a rest.

Listen to your favorite positive affirmations, subconscious programming, hypnosis, spiritual education or breathing guides using our new under water headphone feature, available for purchase from our reception.

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Flotation Therapy £42 for 60 minutes
Payment Methods Accepted - Cash, Credit or Debit Card 
Please Note - A 50% deposit is required upon booking
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