Flotation Tank Christchurch

Flotation Tank Christchurch

Flotation Tank ChristchurchFlotation Therapy: A phenomenal approach to relaxation and self nurture.

Floating in a sound-proofed room in a nice clean modern environment. Our cutting edge flotation tank is a must for the ultimate in relaxation.

It usually it takes around 15 minutes to enter the 1st  stage of  deep relaxation, and the remaining of a typical fifty minute session will pass very quickly . The benefits begin during this stage and continue even after you leave the floatation tank and for throughout the rest of the day,

It is commonly known that relaxing sleep at night time is more or less essential for one to have good health. Often the only way to recover from stress and illness. Our bodies seem to have amazing powers of recuperation and regeneration. We only need the chance to relax to let these powers naturally carry out there job.

Relaxing in our floatation therapy tank is the utmost in  relaxation. The deep relaxing state achieved by flotation allows the body to recover from stress and pain is also relieved. Your blood flow is stimulated through the tissues, you bodies natural endorphins are also released. The brain and mind emit alpha and theta waves. These are associated with relaxation and deep meditation. It feels very good indeed.

Float therapy is such a very simple idea and some of the resulting benefits seem far too good to be true. But they are real, and recent scientific research has proven that the health generally improves.

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Flotation Tank Christchurch