Can I Float?

Before floating you will be asked to agree to the following information:

Yemanjá Therapy Ltd reserves the right to refuse service & may do so if you fall under any of the following:
*Epileptics or those with seizures that are not under medical control
*People under the influence of alcohol or drugs
*Those with rashes, skin conditions or open skin wounds.This includes fresh tattoos or piercings
*Anyone with kidney problems
*Anyone with infectious or contagious diseases, including a common cold
*Anyone with suicidal tendencies
*Anyone taking medicine, antibiotics, or water pills that have negative interactions or contraindications  with magnesium
*Anyone with hair colouring that has not set (this normally requires at least 72 hours)
*Anyone under the age of 16 years
*Anyone under the age of 18 years without parental or legal guardian consent
*We suggest that pregnant women inform their GP or midwives & get their opinion prior to using the tank.

If you have any pre-existing medical condition or have any concerns as to whether you should float, please consult your GP first.

When entering & leaving the tank make sure you use the handles provided on either side of the door slowly lowering yourself in.
NEVER STAND UP IN THE TANK apart from when you are entering & leaving the unit.
Remove all jewellery & shower both before & after using the pool.