Flotation Therapy Q & A

Do I need to prepare myself before floating?

The high salt content of the water could become slightly irritating to anyone who has shaved or waxed so if you can postpone for 24 hrs you will probably be more comfortable.

If you wear contact lenses, it would be a problem if any salt water got into your eyes. If you remove your contacts you don't have to be concerned about it.

You can eat before but we advise you to leave at least an hour before your flotation experience. Eating a heavy meal or fatty foods may leave you feeling bloated or listening to your digestive juices; also foods & drinks with high sugar content & drinks containing caffeine may inhibit or interfere with your ability to relax. Though, on the other hand, if you get very hungry you may spend a lot of time listening to your digestive juices too. Moderation works.

Can pregnant women use the tank?

We suggest that pregnant women inform their Doctors or midwives and get their opinion prior to using the tank. The reports from pregnant women have been enthusiastic. As their bodies get heavier, floating is a great relief from the pull of gravity and give women a welcome rest.

Can I use the tank if I'm menstruating?

We recommend not to. But if you decide to just follow the same protocol as you would in a swimming pool

What effect does salt water have on my skin and hair?

The Epsom salt solution seems to be beneficial to the skin with a noticeable improvement in the complexion in everyone when leaving the unit. 

Do you wear anything in the tank?

It is your own private space & your time in the tank & what you choose to wear or not is entirely up to you.

Is there a right way to do it?

Face up is the most important thing!  Each person will find whatever position is most comfortable for them.

Is it possible not to float in the tank?

400 kg of salt is dissolved in the water making the solution so much denser than your body that your body is pushed to the surface like a cork. Your ears are underwater but your face is out of the solution.

What if I'm claustrophobic?

People probably assume that they will be confined to an enclosed space though our units are more like a small room with a ceiling height of 6 ft. However, you can use the tank with the door open if you wish though this will effect the sound pollution & the temperature regulation of the unit. Remember your in control of the situation & and can get in and out whenever you wish.

Can you sleep in the tank?

The reason people think it may be dangerous is probably the fear of rolling over but it is difficult to roll over in the tank due to the density of the solution, & if any of the salt solution gets in your eyes, mouth or nose, you would wake up. Some people are known to enter an in-between state, where they are not completely asleep or completely awake. Research indicates this to be the closest feeling to that of being in the womb (prior to birth).

Is there enough air in the tank?

The tank is designed not to be airtight, so there is a plentiful air supply via ventilation.

Can two people float in the tank at the same time?

No,  the space in the tank is plentiful for one. Floating in the tank is intended to be a private, individual experience.

How long do people usually stay in the tank?

You have an hour float time so allowing for showering before & after your session means you require approximately 80 minutes.

What will it be like for me?

The most common reports are those of profound peace & relaxation, deep concentration & creativity. It is such an individual experience so everyone's experience will differ. Its best not to have no expectations or preconceptions prior to using the tank.

Do I need to float more than once?

The more relaxation you can get in your life the better! People get better at relaxing because much like that of meditation, relaxation is a learned art that needs practice.

Will I be able to resume my daily activities when I get out?

Yes. And it may be good to arrange your time so you don't have to rush. Many people enjoy savoring the peace & quiet before jumping into something hectic.